Laura & Jermaine Beckford


We are Supernova. A lifestyle. We live and breath it. Created by dreamers for the dreamers. The ones who thrive on passion and live with their heartPeople who like lazy Sundays and long lunches. We strive to be the best and love like nothing else matters. Aiming to be the positive force in our sphere of influence.

Co-director and founder Jermaine Beckford is a professional footballer in the UK. Having played in the Premier League for Everton, Leicester, Leeds, Bolton and Chelsea in his youth along with Internationally credits for Jamaica. With over 160 goals in his career, he pushes his body to the limits every day and needs to respect and support his body with the right supplementation. Along with his wife Laura, they lead a holistic lifestyle in the country with their children. Laura is from a family with an interest, knowledge and awareness of health and wellness for hundreds of years with family members being, Reiki Masters, Nutritionists and Naturopaths. Her great granny age 101 used to pick nettle leaves for tea, unheard of 30 years ago, now in every health shop in the country! Both leading a predominantly vegan lifestyle, yoga, meditation, positive affirmations and their far infrared sauna are daily occurrences.

After becoming dissatisfied with the clubs protein powders, they started experimenting with organic vegan proteins and the results were immediate. No bloating or stomach aches without whey or casein. More energy and focus without the addition of artificial sugars and sweeteners. Quicker recovery and less fatigue or cramps. The beginning of Supernova Living.

A difficult period in their lives not so long ago was when a close relative was diagnosed with inoperable, incurable aggressive prostate cancer. Unable to accept there was nothing that could be done, they arranged for him to see a Naturopathic Nutritionist for dietary and lifestyle advice. Putting him on a fully vegan diet amongst other things he is now cancer free.

Naturally, we wanted to get the same Naturopathic Nutritionist involved with Supernova so with her help and advise on balancing adaptogens and ensuring the vitamins were in a bioavailable form such as high levels of magnesium in the Peruvian Maca and prebiotics from the Raw Agave Inulin. We believe we have created the very best advanced vegan protein on the market. No other contains the carefully selected organic adaptogenic ingredients like ours.

We’re both really excited to share all that we have learnt on our journey’s with you and are passionate about ensuring we only ever use the very finest products, stay innovative and pioneers in the wellness industry.