What makes Supernova proteins different?

Our ingredients are superior, predominantly organic and raw, bioavailable and with recyclable packaging. Developed and tested by a professional athlete and Naturopathic Nutritionist. We’ve written a blog article on this question as we’ve much more to say than just a few words. Check out each ingredient on our product page for a real insight into the difference and the research we’ve done to ensure ours are the very best you can buy. 

Are all Supernova Proteins vegan?

Yes 100% vegan. We’ve even sourced an incredible vegan cordyceps, which although classed as a medicinal mushroom, the wild Cordyceps grows on top of an insect and then consumes it, effectively being a parasite so we wanted to ensure there was no uncertainty and opted for the vegan option grown and cultured on organic oats in California. 

Is there enough protein in it?

All three Supernova Powders contain around 20g of protein per serving. Of course we could have made a powder with the majority of the portion being protein (it would have been much cheaper and easier for us to do that!!) but we felt around 20g of protein significantly replenishes protein after a workout and the additional 10-13g of organic superfoods and adaptogens replenish your whole body as opposed to just your muscles. We like to look at the body as a whole, it’s all integrated, you can’t work out if you have a dodgy stomach or you’re in a bad mind space. It’s all related. Plus you can always add an extra scoop if you really want to up your protein intake.

Do your powders contain heavy metals?

We have been very astute and conscientious in the testing of our products and although we have all the organic certification and all levels are below EU regulations. We have gone above and beyond and spent thousands on our own independent analysis of the product. Ensuring specifically that the heavy metals are way below the strict EU regulations levels. It’s certainly something we take very seriously at Supernova Living and we do not want to have arsenic for breakfast thanks!

How do I know how much 30g is when there’s no scoop in the pack?

This is something we know will be controversial but have decided that we wanted to limit the amount of plastic in our packaging and are working on it being 100% biodegradable to do our bit for the planet. It’s currently (97%) Most people using the product will already have an existing plastic scoop, others can easily measure 30g if you’re that way inclined, use two heaped tablespoons of powder or two level scoops of our reusable scoop made from coconut coir which is available to buy on our website. We will save 10kg of plastic for every 1000 products we sell. We hope you agree and when you feel the smooth, ergonomic handle of the coconut scoop, not to mention it’s instagramability you won’t go back!! 

Can pregnant or breastfeeding woman use these powders?

There is organic cacao and matcha in the WOMAN which is a natural stimulant. Legally we have to say that we would not recommend the product if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and would advise speaking with a GP before consuming Supernova products. We’ve got your back... and boobs and everything else that’s hurting for you right now!

Can children have these products?

Again legally we would not recommend for children to have these powders, as children’s bodies require different levels of nutrition and protein than adults. The adaptogens can be extremely beneficial for children and the directors use individual adaptogens in their children’s diet on a daily basis. The development of a children’s powder is in the pipeline, we’re working with a paediatric nutritionist and it’ll be worth the wait. 

Are the products organic?

The majority of our ingredients are organic and we’re working conscientiously to find the best organic suppliers of the very few ingredients that aren’t currently classified so we can make ALL the ingredients organic. However, the ones that aren’t premium MSM and Schisandra berry and fermented pea protein, actually proved lower in chemicals from our individual analysis than some organic products we’ve tested so be assured there or no chemicals in our products!! We opted for fermented pea protein from organically grown peas as we felt the fermentation was a real bonus instead of the certification in the MAN 02 and WOMAN 01 powder. We know there are no chemicals in it either. We’re working to find organic MSM (sulphur) but our priority was to ensure that it is derived from birch trees rather than a synthetic chemical which is bioavailable and many small growers simply can’t afford the expensive organic certification and we like to support fair trade small growers. We’ve researched the processing of it and are confident that no chemicals have been used in the extraction. So although these products aren’t certified organic we’re more than confident in the quality of the ingredients and the lack of prescience of chemicals. 

Can professional athletes use this product with confidence?

Yes yes yes. It’s one of our USP’s. The product was developed with Jermaine Beckford who is currently a professional footballer so it had to be. We’ve been working closely with Informed Sport who regulate all products that are ‘allowed’ to be taken without any banned substances in for all professional athletes and we have the certification to prove it. See website. The Informed Sport logo will be on our next batch of products but for now, you can see the certification on our blog for reassurance, check the batch number on your product.