We believe

prevention is better than cure. Which is why, all our directors, staff and families we take Supernova Life Powders every single day, as each and every ingredient plays a positive role in supporting, balancing and preventing illness in our bodies.

They make a difference.

To help us
‘Live our Lives’
a little better. To thrive and enjoy every moment instead of ‘getting through’ the day.

The camu camu berries in every blends of Supernova Life Powders are known for being one of the highest source of vitamin C in any plant.

The vitamin C content is 20 times higher than acerola and 100 times higher than a lemon.

Vitamin C plays many important roles in your body.

For example, it helps strengthen your immune system and is needed for the formation of collagen.

We also use medicinal mushrooms such as wild chaga, in the WOMAN 01 powder and NAKED 00 powder, this blend also contains reishi.

Gram for gram, chaga has the highest amount of antioxidants and melanin of any substance on the planet. It also contains a high amount of zinc, all of which support immune function

A powerful adaptogenic mushroom can promote the formation of beneficial cytokines, specialised proteins that regulate the immune system, chaga stimulates white blood cells, which are essential for fighting off harmful bacteria or viruses. As a result, this mushroom could help fight infections from minor colds to serious illnesses.

Renowned for its anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties, reishi mushroom has also shown the ability to stimulate macrophages (a type of white blood cell)

Matcha Green Tea

included in our WOMAN 01 blend, is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants.
Antioxidants help stabilize harmful free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease.

Sulfur compounds such as MSM play important roles in the health of your immune system. MSM may be effective in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation that can weaken immunity.


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