Future By Supernova – Kids Protein Subscription

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Not just a ‘protein powder.’ This blend is packed full of nourishing, whole food powders that blend easily without any refined sugar, preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers, gums, e-numbers or colourings!!

It tastes like rich chocolate milkshake. Simply blend one table spoon with around 200ml of your childs favourite milk and pop it in one of the Kids Chrome Cans, which they can style with the Supernova stickers, free with every purchase (collect them all!).

You can of course add an abundance of other ingredients to make delicious smoothies, baking products, nourishing protein balls. You can find lots of recipes on our Journal.

We recommend adding two scoops of our coconut reusable scoop or two heaped tablespoons (30g) to 350ml of dairy free milk to make a supercharged smoothie like you’ve never had before.


We do not include a coconut scoop inside the packaging. Please see our FAQs if you want know why.