A design that works.



    Keeps your protein shake cold for up to 12 hours or warm for up to 8 hours.

    Recyclable stainless steel material with BPA free plastic wide drinking spout, making drinking a pleasure.

    All Supernova products are designed for a fast paced lifestyle so our can is easy to carry whilst running, no spills in the car, in your gym bag and looks beautiful at the top of your yoga mat!

    Ergonomic design, holding 400ml water, the perfect size to carry around.

    Available in gloss white and gloss black.

    *we couldn’t resist the beautiful gloss finish of the cans, however they can get 'jealous' and scratch when around other metals so perhaps keep them apart from your keys etc to help bring peace to the world, jealousy is not a pretty thing... and keep your can fresh looking.

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