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Our ingredients are superior, predominantly organic and bioavailable as they’re REAL plants not synthetic chemicals that have the same molecular make up as plants. The blend are all developed and tested by a professional athlete, Naturopathic Nutritionist and medical herbalist to ensure the correct dosage, efficiency and maximum RDA’s to ensure the blends create a significant difference in how you feel. We don’t have any fillers, every ingredient has a positive effect on your body. Most supplements use cheap items as the bulk of the powder, even talc in some cases. Most other brands use flavourings, even natural flavourings are full of chemicals which we don’t want. There are no gums, e-numbers, artificial sweeteners or colourings and all ingredients are vegan and ethically sourced. Check out each ingredient on our product page for a real insight into the difference and the research we’ve done to ensure ours are the very best you can buy.

The levels of adaptogens are at maximum daily amounts when taking 30g of powder a day. This is two level coconut scoops or two heaped tablespoons of powder. This can be taken in one large shake which can be very filling and satisfying or in two smaller, lighter shakes. Or even one 15g shake every day as a health preventative which many customers do. It really depends on your size, appetite and how you feel that day. If you’re doing a big workout you may want 15g in around 300ml of milk before you go to focus and energise you and then another 15g in a shake after to replenish muscles, aid recovery and keep you fuller for longer.

All Supernova blends have been designed to make supplementation simple. So every day we take 15-30g of powder in around 300-350ml of ice cold milk, mix it in a blender and serve it over ice. It can be made in seconds. It’s been developed to make your life easier and to make you feel better.

You can of course add things to the shake for your taste preference. We sometimes love adding frozen strawberries, you can add raspberries, yogurt and nut butter. Perhaps a banana and peanut butter and even a shot of coffee. The potential is endless. You can add the blends to baking, porridge, overnight oats. We have lots of ideas for recipes on Instagram and our Journal.

We find the simplest is the best….blend with cold milk in seconds for a rich chocolate shake.

We spent a long time doing market research on protein and supplements and found commonality that men and women wanted different things. Such as women were more focused on de-bloating, anti-ageing and wanting more energy. Whereas men’s priorities in a powder was ingredients to help increase stamina, endurance and higher protein content.

Obviously many requirements overlapped and we included a lot of ingredients in the mens blend that they need but may not necessarily prioritise or think they want. Such as MSM to reduce inflammation and detox at a cellular level, along with Golden Chlorella. Therapeutic levels of ashwagandha in both the MAN and WOMAN as we ALL need to reduce stress in our bodies regardless of whether we feel it or not. Similarly with maca, red in the WOMAN and black in the MAN which support each genders hormones and endocrine system in scientific studies.

Any gender can take any blend without causing any harm at all but we felt it may be easier to choose if you know the ingredients have been specifically picked to support your internal body’s make up.

We always advise anyone taking any pharmaceuticals to check the specific product and quantity with a medical herbalist who has a knowledge of any contraindications with adaptogen and herbs that are in the blends.

The blends are ‘flavoured’ only with organic cacao, we don’t include any natural or artificial flavourings so if you’re looking for ‘strawberry cheesecake flavour’ we’re not the brand for you!! Our ingredients will only ever be super pure and natural which doesn’t mean they can’t be delicious. As they don’t contain overpowering flavours we do recommend using good quality milks as the blend will taste a lot like the milk you use. Look for milks without flavourings, sugars, sweeteners, flavourings or gums. We love Rude Health milks, particularly the Roasted Oat and Almond milk and Coconut Milk as they don’t contain any oils either which can be inflammatory.

Yes 100% vegan. We’ve even sourced an incredible vegan cordyceps, which although classed as a medicinal mushroom, the wild Cordyceps grows on top of an insect and then consumes it, effectively being a parasite so we wanted to ensure there was no uncertainty and opted for the vegan option grown and cultured on organic oats in California.

Both the WOMAN and MAN blend contain around 20g of protein per serving. Of course we could have made a powder with the majority of the portion being protein (it would have been much cheaper and easier for us to do that!!) but we felt around 20g of protein significantly replenishes protein after a workout and the additional 10-13g of organic superfoods and adaptogens replenish your whole body as opposed to just your muscles. We like to look at the body as a whole, it’s all integrated, you can’t work out if you have a dodgy stomach or you’re in a bad mind space. It’s all related. If you’d like more protein why not add an avocado, chia seed powder or nut butters?

We have been very astute and conscientious in the testing of our products and we have all the organic certification and all levels are below EU regulations. We have gone above and beyond and spent thousands on our own independent analysis of the product. Ensuring specifically that the heavy metals are way below the strict EU regulations levels. It’s certainly something we take very seriously at Supernova Living and we do not want to have arsenic for breakfast thanks!

This is something we know will be controversial but have decided that we wanted to limit the amount of plastic in our packaging and we are proud that ALL our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable to do our bit for the planet. You can easily measure 30g by using two heaped tablespoons of powder or two level scoops of our reusable hand carved scoop made from coconut coir which is available to buy on our website. We will save 10kg of plastic for every 1000 products we sell. We hope you agree and when you feel the smooth, ergonomic handle of the coconut scoop.

There is organic cacao and matcha in the WOMAN which is a natural stimulant. Legally we have to say that we would not recommend the product if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and would advise speaking with a medical herbalist before consuming Supernova products.

Again legally we would not recommend for children to have the adult powders, as children’s bodies require different levels of nutrition and protein than adults and they have maximum RDA’s of adaptogen for adults. The good news is we have developed and launched an incredible blend exclusively for children, our Future division. The POWER blend which is the most delicious chocolate milkshake you’ll ever try but packed with whole-food proteins, adaptogens and prebiotics.

The majority of our ingredients are organic and we’re working conscientiously to find the best organic suppliers of the very few ingredients that aren’t currently classified so we can make ALL the ingredients organic. However, the ones that aren’t premium MSM (derived from flax seeds), Golden Chlorella and Schisandra berry actually proved lower in chemicals from our individual analysis than some organic products we’ve tested so be assured there or no chemicals in our products!! We’re working to find organic MSM (sulphur) but our priority was that this is plant derived and not a synthetic chemical derived from petrol chemicals like 99% of MSM on the market.

What can I mix my powder with?

You can blend the powder with water or milk. We do recommend milk for a more satisfying and richer drink but it’s perfectly fine with just water too. Just be careful of the milks you use and make sure they don’t contain gums, E-numbers, sweeteners, flavourings as it will affect the flavouring and mouth feel of the drink.

Yes they are, the unique blend of organic pea, organic brown rice and Golden Chlorella in the MAN and WOMAN blends means they collectively create a full amino acid profile and contain all nine essential amino acids which our bodies can’t naturally make and we have to obtain from our diets. The Future, Power blend is also a complete protein with organic quinoa and organic hemp powder to keep hungry kids fuller and more satisfied for longer.

We use a very very small amount of the purest stevia plant to balance out the raw cacao which can be bitter. This doesn’t affect your blood glucose level but makes the drink really delicious.

We don’t advocate to just take the powders for weight loss but if you’re consciously eating organic whole foods to feel better and want to lose a few pounds for health reasons then Supernova blends can keep you fuller for longer with the high protein content. Plus the WOMAN blend contains psyllium husk which expands in your stomach and acts as a great fibre and supports digestive health. By taking the blends post workout not only helps with muscle recovery but also stops you picking up high sugar items when you’ve got the shakes and just need something to eat quickly!!

Yes all our blends are gluten free.

It’s the milks !! The milks you blend the powder with make a significant difference to the taste and texture, so play around with different types and your favourite blends and you will find one which you can not live without were very confident of it.

Yes you can, but don’t boil them as they may denature the enzymes and lose a lot of beneficial effects. We recommend for a ‘hot chocolate’ add an extra teaspoon of cacao, a spoon on coconut sugar, blend with a rich milk and heat gently in a pan.

We haven’t included a cheap plastic scoop since we launched. We were the only brand to do it then and we still don’t, thankfully most brands have followed us recently! We don’t want any plastic in or near our super pure powder, plus you don’t need it. If you measure a heaped tablespoon it’s around 15g, we take 1-2 heaped tablespoons a day, or we sell a beautiful hand carved coconut scoop made from the wastes coir of the coconut shell and support a small family business in Vietnam by purchasing these for a far price.

When we first launched and the products were being tested on co-founder and former Premiership footballer, Jermaine Beckford they were approved and certificates by Informed Sport but as we only make small batches at a time and we have to test every single batch and pay thousands for it, we have chosen not to do that for the time being.

Sorry! We do keep a close eye on our stock check but sometimes our suppliers can’t source the product, such as a certain colour bottle. We work super hard to make sure we’re always fully stocked but if not there’s always another option, blend or bottle for you to try…

Once you’ve placed your order, our fulfilment team are super quick and often pack it and send it out for delivery within minutes of the order coming in, so we can never guarantee once the order has been processed that we can cancel or change the order so check over the details at checkout really carefully! If we are able to catch your order before it being sent we will do all we can to help you get the exact order you’d like.

We do accept PayPal, please just be aware though that it’s a little more limiting for us to amend things when paying for a subscription on PayPal. We might not be able to add items to your subscription or pause it as easily as if you pay for it on a debit or credit card.

Subscription is the dream. You simply order a subscription online, save £5.00 a month and enjoy the benefits of never running out of the blend and it being delis to your door each month without a thought!

We also aim to collaborate with likeminded brands to give you freebies in the subscription boxes each month too. Although this is not guaranteed each month!

You can cancel your subscription at any time, please give us three days notice before you next order is due to be sent out for us to cancel the subscription.

The beauty is it’s super flexible, we can pause it if you’re going away for a month, or perhaps redirect it to a friend or relative as a treat whilst you’re away? We can add any other product for you to try just for a month or longer and there’s no minimum term.

We do offer free shipping for order of £60.00 or over, so if you subscribe or order two tubs you will get free next day delivery.

Absolutely, we’ve worked with lots of different delivery providers and currently work with Royal Mail, since DPD only try to delivery the order once now! Royal Mail will attempt to deliver 2-3 times and then leave you a note to let you it’s at your local delivery point. You can log into your account and track your parcel too with the tracking number. If you ever get stuck just ask us on

We hope you never need or want to return your product but please see the returns policy on this link for full details. Most importantly let us know why so we can help.

At the moment we don’t, we have been trying the parcels continually get returned so we need to find a better support for a reasonable price. Sorry!

Yes we’re very proud that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable! So use the tubs as a pencil case, utensils holder. Spray it and use it for faux plants…get creative!