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Wellness powders for the whole family that really work.


What Our Ambassadors Say..

Recommended by Top Experts & Athletes

Jamie Redknapp

“I’ve been using the Supernova mens blend, it’s GREAT!”

Ex professional football player and TV pundit

Roxie Nafousi

“I love that Supernova includes so many of my favourite superfoods. It really is my favourite protein powder, I love it so much and feel that it really helps with my energy and general mood throughout the day.”

Author and Manifesting Queen

Maeve- Madden

“I’ve started adding Supernova to my morning oats."

Lifestyle & Fitness Founder

Piers Agget

“I’ve suffered from really bad eczema but my skin is the best it’s been in ages and I feel good. It’s an amazing product.”

Musician - Rudimental

Michael Vaughan

“I’ve been using Supernova for a while, I usually get bloated with other protein powders but I haven’t using your at all!”

English Cricketer

Megan Rose Lane

“This is the best vegan protein powder I have ever tasted. It tastes AMAZING, I”m so happy, 100000% recommend it!”

Empowerment and Mindset Mentor

Duncan James

“Supernova is soooo gorgeous and love the ingredients!!”

Musician - band Blue

The most advanced wellness powder in the world

Why are we so different to other protein and supplement powders?

We worked for over two years, scouring the globe for the purest, most sustainable, cleanest
most effective plants that HEAL your body. See the difference below:

Supernova Living Other Brands
Organic Ingredients meaning NO chemicals used in growing or processing fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
Developed with a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist for real results. fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
Therapeutic levels, maximum RDA’s of adaptogens fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
Unique powerful ingredients ONLY found in our blends fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
180% RDA of bioavailable vitamin C fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
Made in the UK under strict regulations fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
Developed by, tried and tested on an elite athlete, professional footballer fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle
Wholefood ingredients, real plants your body recognises, not the chemical versions fa fal-check-circle fa fal-times-circle

Far more than just a protein

Allowing your body to work most efficiently to heal itself
Hypoallergenic Protein

Organic pea, organic brown rice and golden chlorella are very easily digestible proteins and provide a full amino acid complex including all nine essential amino acids our bodies can’t naturally make so we must consume from our diet.

Key Benefits

Protein rich ingredients to keep you fuller for longer, prebiotics and fibre for gut support, adaptogens to reduce stress and balance hormones, boost immunity, medicinal mushrooms for stamina, focus and endurance.

Immunity Support

The world's highest source of vitamin C in camu camu berries, 180% RDA in every portion (30g) and the world's highest source of antioxidants, medicinal mushroom chaga (in the WOMAN) to support your body from everyday stressors which can put pressure on your immune system.


With maximum RDA of organic ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic root adaptogen, scientifically proven to reduce stress in some studies by up to 70%. It works with your adrenal system to reduce cortisol levels and has incredible results with our customers.


Organic adaptogens and plants that have been scientifically proven to increase focus, stamina, endurance, mental clarity and reduce fatigue.

100% Vegan Ingredients

Superfoods with superpowers without causing any harm to animals or the environment.

How Can We Help You?

Your Wellness Journey Starts Here
  • Immunity
  • Beauty
  • Performance
  • Stress
  • General Wellness


We believe prevention is better than the cure which is why both directors, all our staff and family members have Supernova every single day as every ingredient plays a positive role in supporting, balancing and preventing illness in our bodies. With a high level of camu camu berries in every portion, which contains 180% of your RDA of vitamin C, wild chaga, a medicinal mushroom in the WOMAN 01, the highest source of antioxidants in the world and high in zinc to fight disease and boost immunity. Matcha green tea helps stabilise free radicals which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease. A customer of ours couldn’t have put it better, “it makes your life easier.”

“There is nothing more important to prioritise for my whole family than feeling good and being healthy. we shouldn’t only appreciate our health until we lose it.”

General Wellness

"Supernova blends make life easier.” Jamie Quan-Soon - subscriber

"A super pure protein powder, that doesn't make me bloated AND reduces's genius!" Marcus

"This powder is utter magic, I have used it for years now and have got rid of 90% of my other vitamins and supplements....I'm just never ill now!" Jodie

"I take one scoop of the WOMAN 01 every morning as a daily ritual, even my husband can tell on the odd day that I forget, I'm a different person on Supernova, more positive, energised, motivated and far less anxious." Chloe

"Such a gorgeous product and actually does what it claims!" Jade

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We recommend taking 15-30g of Supernova Life Blends every day. This is because the adaptogenic benefits increase over time and have an accumulative effect on the body. Small positive habits on a daily basis create big change over time.

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The Story of Supernova Living

The Founders Wellness Journey

Supernova is a lifestyle, a real way of living for our family. The catalyst to developing the blends took years and grew exponentially when Jermaine was playing professional Premier League football and was feeling fatigued and bloated every day, along with regular injuries. With a desire to resist steroids and pharmaceutical drugs we strived to find another way. This led to extensive research around the world and we were grateful to have access and be able to work with the countries most respected and established Naturopathic Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists to ensure the blends really worked. So we included therapeutic levels of adaptogens to create a significant difference to the way we feel and how our bodies react. Part of this was sourcing the very best ingredients, organic, no chemicals, less processed, sourced from sustainable farms, no biopiracy (where ingredients such as maca and camu camu are illegally taken from Peru to grow in China with chemicals and far less benefits) No radiating the ingredients, which is commonly used, no chemicals used in processing, no natural flavourings, (which aren’t so natural) no fillers, gums, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. Just pure powerful plants to help your body heal and make you feel better. We hope the blends can help you in so many ways like they've helps us. With love and gratitude, Laura + Jermaine

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