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The Story of Supernova Living

The Founders Wellness Journey

Supernova is a lifestyle, a real way of living for our family. The catalyst to developing the blends took years and grew exponentially when Jermaine was playing professional Premier League football and was feeling fatigued and bloated every day, along with regular injuries. With a desire to resist steroids and pharmaceutical drugs we strived to find another way. This led to extensive research around the world and we were grateful to have access and be able to work with the countries most respected and established Naturopathic Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists to ensure the blends really worked. So we included therapeutic levels of adaptogens to create a significant difference to the way we feel and how our bodies react. Part of this was sourcing the very best ingredients, organic, no chemicals, less processed, sourced from sustainable farms, no biopiracy (where ingredients such as maca and camu camu are illegally taken from Peru to grow in China with chemicals and far less benefits) No radiating the ingredients, which is commonly used, no chemicals used in processing, no natural flavourings, (which aren’t so natural) no fillers, gums, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. Just pure powerful plants to help your body heal and make you feel better. We hope the blends can help you in so many ways like they've helps us. With love and gratitude, Laura + Jermaine