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PB + J Super Spiked Supernova

PB + J Super Spiked Supernova

We designed Supernova to make supplementation simple and with under 60kcals per scoop it satisfies the chocolate craving but without the calorific content.

However sometimes it's nice mix things up and we do need good fats to produce hormone amounts other things, soooo. Try this delicious take on a PB +J (peanut butter and jelly / jam!) blend which is our 'go-to' when we need some indulgence. It's so satisfying and rich, yet fresh with frozen raspberries. Full of fibre and protein and will keep you fuller for longer.

For this glass of positivity simply blend one scoop of any Supernova Powder, a table spoon on peanut or almond butter, around 300ml of your favourite milk (we love Rude Health Roasted Almond and Oat milk) and a good handful of frozen raspberries. This isn't a standard smoothie with masses of vitamin C in the camu camu, stress reducing ashwagandha and immune boosting medicinal mushroom chaga! It's PROVEN to make you FEEL better too.


Dr Klenner cured chicken pox, measles, mumps, tetanus and polio with high does of vitamin C! Plus ashwagandha, a research from the Asha Hospital in Hyderbad found, in a study of 64 people with chronic stress, that ashwagandha supplementation for two months decreased stress by 44% and decreased depression and/or anxiety by 72%.

And you just thought you were making a berry smoothie!!

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