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Supernova ‘Snickers’

Supernova ‘Snickers’

Our NAKED 00 powder is ‘super’ versatile with no sweeteners or cacao for chocolate flavour. It’s a neutral taste that you can add to baking, pancakes, waffles and smoothies.

One of our favourite smoothie blends using NAKED 00 is Supernova ‘Snickers’. Here’s the recipe;

– splash into a blender 350ml nut milk (we love Rude Health almond or Oatly oat milk. (Look out for gums, stabilisers or sweeteners which really aren’t necessary in nut milks)

– take one (for 10g of protein) or two (for 20g of protein) coconut wood scoops of NAKED 00 Supernova Protein powder

– add one banana (ideally fair trade and organic-but no one’s perfect!)

– add 1-2 coconut scoops (or table spoons) of peanut butter (we love Pip & Nut) but just make sure it’s got no palm oil in!

– add a few cubes of ice

– blend until creamy smooth

– enjoy and reminisce about the days Snickers were called Marathons! Knowing you’ve got the crazy healthy, adaptogen filled, organic version with added medicinal mushrooms!!

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