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the Autumn clean.

You only have to watch one episode of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix to want to throw out half your wardrobe! A tidy home really is a tidy mind, and simplifying your home space will benefit your health and well-being. It’s a new moon, new season, shorter days but still, as much to fit in…in fact more, with so much to organise for Christmas. So we want to help you.

I’ve been using Tincture London for nearly two years. It’s an all-natural range of cleaning products that do wonders for our home and our wellbeing. Their “All Purpose” is my favourite as I take it from kitchen to bathroom, and do the bannisters on the way up! It simplifies my life by reducing the number of products I need and leaving no harmful chemicals in the home when I use it. And after my daily Supernova too, I’m energised and focussed, ready to take on the day, whether it’s a Sunday cleaning session, a full day of meetings, the school run, football or homework.

Society is so conscious of calories when it's chemicals that are just as much of a problem for our health, in our food and our day-to-day products, specifically cleaning products.

W H Y do we want to focus on an A U T U M N clean?

Supernova is all about simplicity. And simplifying your home space is another way to positively impact our well-being.

“There’s a great deal of satisfaction and peace to be had from a decluttered space… I feel more in control of my life and less overwhelmed” – Marie Kondo.

What benefits has Kondo herself enjoyed from the process of tidying up? “Its important for me to organise my house, especially to clear the floors as this allows me to feel calm and therefore focus on other things”

H O W can an Autumn clean benefit us?
A tidy home really is a tidy mind…

  • CLEAN + CLEANSE – We all love the feeling of getting into bed with fresh linen. It relaxes us because it is a job that has been done, and eliminates the worry of a task-in-hand and sleeping in an unclean environment. Apply this to your whole house. If the home is a mess, your body cannot “switch off” because you know there are tasks to be done. Getting on top of your cleaning is essential for removing that stress and allowing you to rest, really rest, when it is done.
  • DECLUTTER – You cannot work efficiently with your space full of clutter. When your kitchen is full of dishes or kids' toys or your laptop, it can be hard to focus on the food you are cooking. You can’t find things quickly, and you can’t appreciate the work you are putting in because your mind is occupied with the “stuff” that surrounds it. Recycle or donate unneeded items. De-clutter your environment, and re-focus your mind as a result.
  • LET GO OF THE PAST – by sorting through old unwanted items can be so cathartic and release negative emotions. Let’s move forward and focus on the now.
  • FILL YOUR SPACE WITH LOVE – do you LOVE all the items in your home? Do you feel calm and passionate about every item? Why do you have them if not?
  • GRATITUDE – there will always be someone else with something more. Practising gratitude for what we do have will only attract more and help us feel at peace.

We believe in the power of plants to improve your health, and an AUTUMN CLEAN with SUPERNOVA and TINCTURE LONDON is the wonderful way to begin… 

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